Seasonal installation at the Center for Architecture
New York, NY

/CLIENT Center for Architecture for the Archtober Exhibition
/ROLE Designer + Fabricator
/INSTALL 5 days
/MATERIALS Cardboard, stickers, glue, vinyl, white and yellow cardstock

The Center for Architecture (CFA), home of the AIA New York Chapter, holds an annual, month-long event called ‘Archtober’ that is part of the city’s Architecture and Design Month festival. It offers over 150 free architecture exhibits, tours, activities and lectures to its members and the public in collaboration with many institutions in the city. 

The Archtober Lounge is a collaboration between Pentagram (branding) and SOFTlab (installation) to create an interesting exhibit that houses postcards for each day’s sponsored building tour but also functions as an advertisement through for the storefront. The Voronoi-inspired cell structure is made entirely from laser-cut cardboard, glue, and sticker tape, and then clad in colored cardstock. The design took into account different viewing angles, which dictated the placement of white vs. yellow faces. Branding designed by Pentagram was applied in vinyl lettering. 

Install photos below - click to enlarge

Images: SOFTlab