Permanent installation at the Behance headquarters
New York, NY

/CLIENT Behance
/ROLE Designer + Fabricator
/INSTALL 3 days
/MATERIALS White translucent mylar, grommets, assorted color film sheets, aluminum pipe frames

The two floors of Behance’s new headquarters in NYC is connected by a central stair that connects to their open plan offices. SOFTlab was commissioned to design a sculpture that engages the first and second floor simultaneously while creating a colorful identity for the otherwise white and stark environment. The concept used is that of a stained glass window that uses color from the Behance and Adobe (Behance’s parent company) branding palettes to create multiple gradients throughout the sculpture. This is achieved by using thousands of small panels of color gel film sheets in a variety of colors that clad a mylar frame web. 

Each individual letter panel took about 3 days to assemble and grommet by hand. They were then stitched together on site into one continuous fabric before it was raised and fastened to the rectangular aluminum pipe structure built to hang from the ceiling over the central stairwell in Behance’s offices. 


Installation photos below - click to enlarge