Seasonal installation at The Southbank Centre
London, UK

/CLIENT The Festival of Love at The Southbank Centre
/ROLE Designer + Fabricator
/INSTALL 8 nights
/MATERIAL Thin-grade aluminum, 3M Solar Mirror film, rivets, aluminum uni strut structure, aluminum pipe frame

The Festival of Love is a summer festival held at the Southbank Centre that lasts several months, providing a multitude of free concerts, performances, events and exhibitions for the London public in addition to commissioning various sculptures that are displayed throughout their campus. 

Titled ‘Ventricle’, these two sculptures, located in the north and south atriums, resemble a web of intertwined tubes that look as if they are cascading downwards to the floor below. Each sculpture is made from thousands of unique, precisely cut thin-grade aluminum X’s that are joined at their arms with rivets. The aluminum is then clad in origami-like ‘scales’ made from 3M Solar Mirror Film, which is usually applied to glass in building systems. The soap bubble-like nature of the film creates multiple spectrums of color reflection and refraction that is multiplied by the scale’s facets and changes with the light. 

Install photos below - click to enlarge