Seasonal installation at Melissa Soho boutique
New York, NY

/CLIENT Melissa Shoes
/ROLE Designer + Fabricator
/INSTALL 3 nights
/MATERIALS Dichroic film-applied clear acrylic, plastic zipties, aluminum cell frames, steel rope, assorted hardware

For each new collection/season, Melissa Shoes commissions artists to create installations for their Soho boutique.  The concept for these two sculptures was inspired by the mathematical voronoi diagram and accompanies the Winter 2015 ‘Star Walker’ collection which is based off of faceted, crystal-like designs. Similar to a kaleidoscope, the sculptures look different from every angle, not only because of their multi-faceted nature, but also because of the ‘soap bubble’ nature of the film. The film then reflects its color-changing properties onto the blank white walls of the boutique, amplifying the presence of the sculptures. 

Since the space functions during the day as a shoe boutique, installation was done after business hours over the course of 3 nights. The 50 unique voronoi cells arrived at our studio as flatpacked aluminum frames, and constructed one by one with zipties. They were then brought to site to assemble into larger groups of cells that were hung from the ceiling via a network of cables and hooks. The dichroic acrylic outer faces were applied simultaneously while keeping in mind how to balance the weight of the cells evenly while multiple people worked on it. There are two sculptures in the boutique: one at the front over the cashwrap, and a second in the main space hanging over the staircase that leads to offices below.

Photos: SOFTlab and Alan Tansey