Competition win for a seasonal installation in Flatiron Plaza
New York, NY

/CLIENT The Van Alen InstituteThe Flatiron 23rd Street Partnership
/ROLE Designer + Fabricator
/INSTALL 4 days
/MATERIALS Dichroic film-applied acrylic, aluminum cell frames, aluminum exterior plates with mirror interior faces, zipties, assorted hardware, steel foot plates

The Flatiron Holiday Pavilion competition is held yearly by the Van Alen Institute in collaboration with the Flatiron 23rd Street Partnership to choose a design to be constructed in the center of the famous Flatiron Plaza on 23rd Street in New York City. The pavilion stays in place for 2 months, through the Christmas season, and acts as a centerpoint for many holiday events that the Partnership holds to engage the surrounding neighborhood community.

‘Nova’ takes a step back from the idea of a traditional pavilion and provides multiple viewing funnels that frame iconic and historic views of the neighborhood including the Empire State Building, the Clocktower, Madison Square Park, and the Flatiron Building as well as street-level activity.  The structure, made from a complex web of aluminum cell structures and clad in aluminum sheets, is divided into seven arches that meet at the center to provide support to each other. The underside of the arches is clad in acrylic laminated with 3M Dichroic Film that creates a kaleidoscopic effect that changes in color in vibrancy as visitors move in and around the pavilion. 


Install photos below - click to enlarge